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  • “From Above” American Poetry Review, 2023

  • “Rain in April” American Poetry Review, 2023

  • “One Hundred Demons” American Poetry Review, 2023

  • “Daytona 500” Academy of American Poets, Poem-A-Day Series, 2022

  • “Y2K in Northeastern PA” Cherry Tree, 2022

  • “Another apology lost in the mail” Cherry Tree, 2022 



  • "Ghazals connected as though cargo freights" Ploughshares, 2021

  • "A Marble Run for this Finite Earth" American Poetry Review, 2020

  • "A Marble Run for the Lights" American Poetry Review, 2020

  • "A Marble Run for Another End-Of-Days" Frontier, 2021

    • Winner of the 2020 Frontier Open

  • A Poem for the Start of the New Decade Peach Mag, 2020

    • Winner of the 2020 Poetry Contest, Selected by Alok Vaid-Menon

  • ​"Ghazal written for the Lids in Downtown Brooklyn where I chose my name” TriQuarterly, 2021

  • ​"Water I Won’t Touch [My partner & I only believe]" Foundry, 2021

  • "On imagining Ariana Grande, before the fame, working every summer at a Rita’s Italian Ice" Puerto del Sol, 2021

  • “A very Trans and Arachnophobic Poem” Foglifter, 2020

  • “Sonnet for the Monarch’s Migration” Foglifter, 2020

  • "Haibun for my Mother and the Early 2000sDIAGRAM, 20201

  • "Poem in which I arm wrestle with my father and finally win" Flypaper Lit, 2021​

  • "Poem about only baseball" Flypaper Lit, 2021

  • "The Only Atlas We Need Is One Drafted By Children", The Southeast Review, 2021

  • “A Poem About Batman”, The Southeast Review, 2021

  • “When My Fantasy Football Team Asks Me To Write A Poem About The Jersey Shore ‘Note’”, The Southeast Review, 2021

  • “On Crescents & Transition & Waning” republished and anthologized in, You Don’t Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves, Workman Publishing, 2021

  • "On the Benefits of Learning by Example" republished , Give Me Time, via Grist Journal, 2021

  • "Ghazal written for the Lids in Downtown Brooklyn where I chose my name” republished, [Working Title Anthology], 2022




  • This House is Obvious” Adroit, 2017

    • Finalist for Best of the Net, 2017

  • “As I Like It” New Orleans Review, 2016

  • “dancing in the colosseum” Permafrost, 2016

    • Nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize

  • Attempting to Teach in a Desert” The Boiler, 2015

    • Finalist in the 2015 Flash Essay Contest

  • “Things that Run” Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, 2015

    • Finalist in the 2015 Contest

  • Inversion” Vela Magazine, 2014

    • Winner of 2014 Non-Fiction Contest

Candrilli CV, 2020
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